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Tonya Tittle, M.S., ACSM, FLT Metagenics, is the owner and Director of Training at Energy Fitness, a certified personal trainer and the leading fitness expert in Memphis!

Voted Best Trainer 2010 by Memphis Mag. Readers, Voted Best Fitness studio 2013, 2014, and 2015 by Memphis Health & Fitness Magazine readers,  Tennessee Excellence Award 2013 (SBIEC).

She has helped thousands of people in the Downtown Memphis area lose weight and get in the best shape of their lives and now she's ready to help you, too!
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Does the day get away from you? Do you intend to eat healthier, but you get too busy and fast food drive thrus or vending machines at work are really convenient? Don't start creating that "convenient path", because you're not going to be rewarded with that flat belly and fabulous body you're really craving.

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A lot of our clients have to do carpool, sporting events, etc. and don't want to cave in under the pressure. Just because the kids are eating it, they want to grab something quick, too! We know it's easier, but we also know you're time-crunched, which is the whole reason we created this report. When you go shopping, be sure to pick up enough for your different stashes--car, purse, office, pantry, etc.

This is a list of all the non-perishable snacks you can keep in your car or purse to help stave off the hunger cravings that often lead to bad food choices and help keep you on track toward your goals. Eating real and whole food is the ticket to optimal health so don't think that we're pushing these foods as the only things you need to stick in your mouth.

At Energy Fitness, we pride ourselves on helping our clients make the most of their busy lifestyles and consistently finding more ways to easily incorporate healthy choices into their daily lives.